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Sketchbooks - Square Cotton - 100% cotton handmade paper

Sketchbooks - Square Cotton - 100% cotton handmade paper

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Viviva Square Cotton Sketchbooks are perfect for watercolor painting! These are made of cotton rag paper with a premium look. Every Sketchbook is handmade with high-quality materials and comes with: • Premium Quality 100% Cotton cold-pressed Papers • Faux Leather Bound (It's vegan friendly). • Handmade with love (Made by locals in our Community).

Eco-friendly paper (We care about the Environment). • Dimensions - 7.5 x 7.5 inches • Paper Thickness: 300 GSM • 40 Pages (20 Leaves) - Cream in Color and Rough in Texture

Note: This Sketchbook is made from handmade cotton rag paper hence, contains small blemishes which are a part of the process and in our opinion enhance the appeal of the paper! 

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