Eco Atelier

A safe space to create

Welcome to our lush, relaxing backyard studio on the westside of Los Angeles. Rooted in art therapy, progressive education, and a love of nature, the Eco Atelier offers quality guidance and opportunities to all ages and abilities. 

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“Children deserve access to high quality art materials and adults deserve the space and time to play.”

– Alia Arbas, MAEd, MAMFT, AT, Founder -

  • - Art in the Garden -

    Art in the Garden is such a dream come true! I often feel a lack of fulfillment in expressing my creativity. Alia has created such a safe environment that allows me to explore my creativity in new and extremely fulfilling ways! The garden feels magical and Alia’s warmth and support and encouragement to explore new art mediums leaves me feeling so nourished and deeply fulfilled!

    - Monica S. -

    - Family Art in the Garden -

    Eco Atelier is the most magical place in Los Angeles. When we first discovered it through friends, we couldn’t believe it was real! The first time we came as a family, we all made art - Eco Atelier provided us the space, guidance, inspiration and materials. It is such a special place to go as a family and spend time with our girls. We have done morning drop-offs, summer camp, friend nights…the options at Eco Atelier are endless and always a true gift to our family.

    - Francesca C. -
  • - Summer Camp -

    My daughter loves art camp in Alia’s garden. She loves the freedom to create anything she wants with endless possibilities. And she loves that her artwork was all building up as a surprise for her to reveal to parents at the end of the week.
    What I love, is that Alia’s garden is a magical and relaxing space, surrounded by lush plants and natural materials for inspiration. Alia had different art ideas for each day, but allowed the children as much time as they wanted (even multiple days) to explore and create. The week concluded with an art exhibition, that the children helped set up, of all the artwork they created over the course of the week.

    - Nancy K. -

    - Art in the Canyon -

    Beautiful location, thoughtful creative projects, superb teachers. We will be back :)

    - April M. -
  • - Winter Magic and Art in the Garden -

    Alia and Audra are the best! My son loves art camp! It's a huge rainbow in our lives!

    - Heather D. -

    - Winter Solstice Party -

    Wow- Alia goes all the way!!! Such a beautiful event!

    - Josephine D. -

    - Fall Magic and Art in the Garden -

    My son didn't want to leave! This is a rich environment full of mind stimulating materials and nature. We'll be back every chance possible.

    - Jana S. -