Magical Garden Experience

Each young artist who visits the studio for this week-long workshop will have the opportunity to explore different mediums in the studio and outside in the garden spaces. We have an array of beautiful, artist quality materials that we will provide each day as we explore and move through the week. Depending on what the children are most drawn to, we can explore many materials, including hand building with clay, gel prints with plants, flower pounding, painting, mixed media and sun prints, but the wonderful thing about this work is that it can shift and change with the interests of each group. There will be time to play, read, explore, listen to music, snack and garden. We will also have time on the last day for friends and family to view the artwork and hear more about the week.

“My daughter loves art camp in Alia’s garden. She loves the freedom to create anything she wants with endless possibilities. And she loves that her artwork was all building up as a surprise for her to reveal to parents at the end of the week. 
What I love, is that Alia’s garden is a magical and relaxing space, surrounded by lush plants and natural materials for inspiration. Alia had different art ideas for each day, but allowed the children as much time as they wanted (even multiple days) to explore and create. The week concluded with an art exhibition, that the children helped set up, of all the artwork they created over the course of the week.” -Nancy K.